Design cv resume template download (#918 to 924)

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Here’s a free design curriculum vitae resume template that you can download and modify. There is no sign up required and no email to submit to get our files. All you have to do is click on the download links at the end of this post. And you know what? Our files aren’t even compressed in zip files. You get the fiel raw and direct download.

Thank you very much for visiting our website, this helps us continue to give our stuff without charges.


free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_918 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_919 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_920 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_921 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_922 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_923 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_924

Click on the following links to get each one of these cv samples in .DOC format:

3 thoughts on “Design cv resume template download (#918 to 924)

  1. Hello! I’m in the midst of finding a new job. As an educationist, the blue template would be a perfect choice! Thank you!!

    1. Nice, thank you so much for your comment Koggila! Good luck!!

  2. Very good! I’m using the orange version for my resume. I’m going to an interview tomorrow, can’t wait to find out what they thought about my orange resume! 🙂

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