How to have your CV redone by us

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Read everything carefully if you want to get your CV redesigned by us for free.

You have to follow and agree a few guidelines if you want to be picked as our next renewed resume.


You have to agree that we’ll use your biodata, old resume and new resulting one in a post on this website and our facebook page. We will blur your personal data (address and phone number), face and name.


You have to send us your current biodata (CV, resume) AND template of your choice by email to contact(at) (replace the (at) by @).

Very important

You have to select a template you want us to use to make your CV and include it in your email. Don’t ask us to choose a template for you… You have to choose. This is very important cause if you don’t include both in your email, you won’t be chosen for the next stop, which is having your CV redone by us.

So take a look at all our templates available, choose one and tell us the number, page link or image,.

Still very simple

So, all you have to do is send your biodata and your the template of your choice by email. Once again, don’t forget to send both or you won’t be picked up.

CV Remake Example

This said, we made another free CV remake for Mohammad Shahidul Alam. He contacted us first on our Facebook Page, then he sent us his current CV and his template of choice which was #660. You can download this template by visiting this page.

Here you can take a look at his resume on a recruter’s desk:

Now take a closer look at the resulting CV we made:

Now, you can take a look at his CV he was using:

This is the text format of his biodata:

Resume of Mohammad Shahidul Alam


Mohammad Shahidul Alam





Career Objective :


My desire is to develop a career in such a sector where creatively, sincerity, skill, and performance are the criteria for one’s appraisal and recognition. To achieve a dynamic and challenging job to utilized my merit and potential as well as my academic background for the interest of the institution.

Employment History :


  1. TPMO (April 22, 2016 – April 30, 2017)

The City Bank Ltd.

Location: Progati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka-1212

Department: Card Division


Duties/ Responsibilities

  • Achieve individual target on daily, weekly & monthly basis set by respective Sales Team Manager.
  • Collect and complete applications with all required documents on daily basis from good and prospective clients.
  • Ensure proper filling up of application forms by clients.
  • Ensure proper service provided to each and every customers as par bank policy.


  1. Team Member (February 01 to November 30, 2014)

Nando’s Dhaka

Location: Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Department: Front of the House


Duties/ Responsibilities

  • Food Serve & Processing Payment



Academic Qualification :


Exam Title Major Institute Result Passing Year Duration
Hon’s Tourism & Hotel Management IBAIS University CGPA: 3.23 2016 4 Years
H.S.C Commerce Hathazari College GPA:2.50 2009 2 Years
Dakhil Arts DharmapurRahmaniaMadrasha GPA:3.58 2007


Training Details:


Certification Institute Location Duration
Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Dhaka 3 Months




  • Able to work under challenging environment.
  • Sincere and eager to work and self-motivated.
  • Willing to work in a team.
  • Patience to pressure long term work.


Language Proficiency


Language Reading Writing Speaking
Bangla High High High
English High High Medium





Personal Details :


Father’s Name                         :

Mother’s Name                       :

Date of Birth                             :                               : Male

Marital Status                         : SingleNationality                                              : Bangladeshi

Religion                                         : Islam

Blood Group                             : A+

National ID                                 :

Permanent Address             :

Reference :


Reference: 1                                                                    Reference: 2

Name                : Prof.Md. Ahasan Ullah       Name                 : Salekin Bin Hafiz

Organization: IBAIS University                    Organization: The City Bank LTD.

Designation  : Departmentn Head            Designation : Card Division Address               : Dhanmondi, Dhaka                        Address           : Badda, Dhaka

Mobile                :                     Mobile              :




I am here by declaring that, I will be responsible for my wrong information provided here.


Signature & Date




Download the template

You can download our featured cv template #660 by visiting this template’s page here.

9 thoughts on “How to have your CV redone by us

  1. I would .like to reshape my CV by you. Please support.

    Would like the format 660. Please let me know how can i send you my old CV.


    1. Read this page carefully, you didn’t read it to ask how to send your CV…. it’s all written on this page.

      1. Can I get a perfect Pharmaceutical professional cv template for bangladesh please!

        1. Yes, but you just have to do what is said in this article. Send us your current CV and tell us with what template you want us to make it.

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